50 Days of Evolution









30 Minute Daily


As part of our 50 Days of Evolution program we’ll meditate for 30 minutes a day, each day. We’ve provided you with 30 minute guided meditations themed for each chapter of The Seat of The Soul. You’re welcome to follow along with our meditations, use other guided meditations or meditate in silence each day. The most important thing is that you meditate.



Yoga Practice

Through consistent weekly yoga practice we’ll clear, strengthen and enliven our physical bodies.

Our 50 Days of Evolution commit to practice includes 5 class a week at Khali. 1 day of home practice and one day of rest per a week.

Feel free to use the resource of our online classes for your home practice or create your own practice guided by you.


Seat of the Soul

Study Guides

As your weekly study guides become available they will be underlined and hyperlinked below. Each study guide contains:

⊕ A guided meditation that corresponds with the content of that chapter.

⊕ Journal questions for each chapter along with a comment section for you to share any responses you choose.

⊕ Additional podcast and video content to deepen your insights and understandings. 

Complete by 1/28 ↓

Complete by 2/4 ↓

Complete by 2/11 ↓

Complete by 2/18 ↓

Complete by 2/25 ↓

Complete by 3/3 ↓

Complete by 3/10 ↓

  • Chapter 11 Study Guide: Power
  • Chapter 12 Study Guide: Trust


Currently reading chapters 11 -12 & completing study guides .