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General Questions

What do I need to bring to class?

Yourself and a willingness to flow & grow! We also suggest a yoga mat, a sweat towel, and water.

Do you have mats & towels available?

Yes! We rent mats for $3, mat towels for $2, and hand towels for $1

Do you sell water?

Hydration is key. We sell boxed water for $3 and we have a water fountain/ water bottle refill station available.

Do I have to have yoga experience?

No experience is required for any Khali class. All of our classes are open to all levels.

What should I wear to class?

Athletic clothing or any clothing that you feel comfortable moving and sweating in.

Is the practice space heated?

Vinyasa classes are heated to about 102 degrees using infrared heating panels. Slow Flow and Deep Stretch classes are warmed to about 80 degrees. Outdoor/Indoor classes do not have added heat, we let mother nature determine the temperature.

What style of yoga is taught at Khali?

How much is a class?

The drop-in rate for a Khali class is $17/class.

Do you have parking?

Parking is available in the NoDa Plaza Parking lot, this includes the lot to the right of Khali, where NoDa Bodega is. Overflow parking is also available Wed-Sat across 36th street at the Plaza Baptist Church.

Do you have showers?

Yes! We have four beautiful showers stocked with eco-friendly body wash. Shower towels are available to rent for $2.

Can I bring my phone or smartwatch into class?

We honor the practice rooms as a sacred place of self-observation and discovery. We also ask that you honor your commitment to practice by leaving all technology outside of the room. We are excited to have a Center in Charlotte where we can disconnect from our devices, and connect to our humanity. We have lockers available for your cellphones and smartwatches.

How old do you have to be?

We ask that all students under the age of 15 be accompanied by an adult. We also offer Kids Yoga (LINK) for ages 4-10.

Where can I leave my belongings?

We provide cubbies and lockers (locks available) for you to leave your belongings during class. However, we recommend leaving valuables at home or securely locked in your car.

What if I'm not flexible?

Not to worry! Flexibility is not a prerequisite for practicing yoga. Our classes are designed to help you improve flexibility and strength over time. Our instructors will offer modifications and adjustments to accommodate all levels of flexibility.

What if I have an injury?

If you are injured, we recommend you check with your doctor before practicing yoga. If you are cleared for practice, then inform the teacher about your injury before the class begins. They will provide appropriate modifications and ensure your safety throughout the practice.

Will there be hands-on adjustments?

We love providing hands-on-assists and empower our students to decide if they would like assists during class. Before class, grab an assisting medallion and place it at the top of your mat. One side says “Yes, I’m up for an assist” and the other says “No, I don’t want an assist”.

Membership Questions

Do you have membership options?

Our Monthly Unlimited Membership is $80/month and our Yearly Unlimited Membership is $900 for the year. Both include unlimited yoga and meditation classes.

Is there a contract?

Our Monthly Unlimited Membership has a 3-month minimum commitment.

Can somebody else use my membership?

Monthly membership is non-transferable. Monthly Members do receive one buddy pass every month to use for a free drop-in.

How do I pause or cancel my membership?

Please click here to manage your membership.

Class Questions

Which class is best for beginners?

Slow Flow and Deep Stretch classes are great classes to start with. These classes move at a slower pace than our Vinyasa classes and offer a great opportunity for you to get comfortable on your mat and in the space.

What does it mean that class is on "Waitlist"?

When a class is marked as “Waitlist,” it means that all the available spots for that class have been filled. However, you can still sign up and be added to the waitlist. If someone cancels their reservation, the first person on the waitlist will be notified and given the opportunity to attend the class.

Are there corporate or group classes available?

Not at this time.

Do I need to sign up for class ahead of time?

While drop-ins are welcome, we recommend signing up for classes ahead of time to secure your spot, especially for popular classes.

Is there a penalty for not showing up to a class if I sign up?

Yes, we kindly ask that you cancel your reservation at least 3 hours before the class if you cannot make it. If you fail to cancel and do not show up, there will be a $15 late-cancel fee.

Can I arrive to class after class begins?

Yes! However, for fully-booked classes if you are not present at the start of class your spot will be given away to a student on the waitlist.

Can I leave class early?

Of course! If possible, leave before the start of Savasana and use your yogi ninja skills to exit the studio quietly.

What if I need to leave class?

You can leave and return to class at any point. Listen to your body, and feel free to take breaks whenever you need to during the practice.

How early should I sign up for class?

You can sign up for classes as early as one week in advance, allowing you to plan your practice with ease. Embrace the element of Space and reserve your spot to flow with us.

Do you have any props?

Blocks, straps, and bolsters are available for you to use during your practice.

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