Indoor plants at Khali Yoga Center

Who we are

Khali Yoga Center

We are a community dedicated to human evolution. We honor the evolution of our individual soul as inseparably connected to the evolution of all souls. We work diligently in our personal practices, disciplines and studies with the knowing that all ripples of individual growth impact the waters of the collective.

We are students of the Earth and believers in the curriculum of the human experience. We celebrate each other by seeing every season, circumstance, and interaction as an opportunity for growth. We honor change as one of life’s most consistent teachers and practice dancing freely around the fire of eternal transformation.

We are followers of the path of selfless service. We trust that creating space to serve others creates space for love to flourish. By recognizing and acting on the ways life calls us to serve we dissolve the illusion that our needs are separate from the needs of others and allow unity to permeate the air we share.

What We Do

Our Offerings


Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting your journey, Khali Yoga supports your path toward growth. Join us today and embrace the rhythm of life.


Khali Yoga provides a supportive space for you to find stillness, inner peace, and deeper connection. Join us today to find stillness and connection.

Sound Baths

Enjoy live music from our in-house musicians. These offering feature an array of instruments including native flutes, chimes, indigenous drums, and sound bowls.


Join us in this sacred space of self-discovery and healing, where experienced and passionate instructors guide you toward a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit.


The world of learning is endless. Check out our monthly events and workshop offerings to discover new topics, meet new teachers and create new opportunities to gather in community and grow.

Teacher Training

Whether you want to start a career as a yoga teacher or deepen your personal practice, our Yoga Teacher Training will empower and inspire you.

Your Path Is Calling.


The Space & Amenities

It’s hard to do Khali Yoga Center justice with words or pictures…but we’ll try.
With massive garage doors that lead from our practice room onto our private patio students can choose to practice under our roof or outside under the trees (weather permitting). You’ll know the garage doors are open for a class when the schedule lists the class as “Outdoor/Indoor”.

    • Lockers, Cubbies and locks available
    • Mat storage – available for $8/month
    • 5 bathrooms, 4 Beautiful showers stocked with body wash
    • Shower towels available to rent for $2
    • Filtered Water Station
    • Infrared panels

More questions?? We’ve got answers

Indoor plants at Khali Yoga Center

A Technology Free Practice Space

Our Commitments & Culture

A Technology Free Practice Space
At Khali Yoga Center, we honor the practice rooms as a sacred place of self-observation and discovery. We also ask that you honor your commitment to practice by leaving all technology outside of the room. We are excited to have a Center in Charlotte where we can disconnect from our devices, and connect to our humanity. We have lockers available for your cell phones and watches.

Being on Time
One of our core values is integrity and one way we practice integrity is through keeping our word. We give our word to start and end class on time and we ask that you arrive on time for class. Your timely arrival ensures that you and other students get the full Khali experience.

No-show/Cancellation Policy
Reservations for class must be canceled at least 3 hours before the start of class to avoid a late cancellation fee. If you fail to early cancel your reservation, or do not show up for your scheduled class you will forfeit your class purchase and be subject to a $15 late cancel/no-show fee.

Khali Yoga Staff

Our Team

Our exceptional staff breathes life into each class with authenticity and deep connection. Our teachers are the vibrant souls who infuse their own unique essence into every session, creating a truly enriching experience for our beloved practitioners.

With an unwavering commitment to their craft, our instructors embody the essence of Khali, drawing inspiration from the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space.

Our teachers are not only skilled professionals but also compassionate beings who hold a sacred space for you to explore and grow. We pride ourselves in real, authentic, human connection. Each of our teachers will inspire you to tap into your inner strength, elevate your practice, and cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and the elements that surround us all.

Join us in embracing the magic of our diverse and passionate team, as they guide you through an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and transformation. Come as you are, and let the wisdom of our remarkable instructors lead you towards a more balanced and centered way of life. Step onto the mat, and together, we’ll embrace the beauty of our authentic selves and the power of unity with the elements of Khali Yoga Center.

Cashew Crisp

Cashew Crisp

Find Stillness,
Connect, Thrive